“L’ingegno di Leonardo. Le macchine” Gubbio, Palazzo dei Consoli
26th november 2022 – 1st maggio 2023

In the exhibition at Palazzo dei Consoli it will be possible to admire over 50 scale models of various sizes, faithfully reconstructed. They are the work of Carlo Niccolai first and of his son Gabriele today, owner of the Leonardo Museum of Machines in Florence. These are military, civil and hydraulic engineering machines, alongside studies for human flight and curious objects. You can admire, among others: the odometer, the steam rotisserie, the first model of tank, the military-type arched bridge, the naval cannon, the escalator, the robot, the reflector and again the propeller, the hang glider and the parachute. The password of the exhibition in Gubbio is “forbidden not to touch”: visitors in fact become active protagonists, being able to independently operate the machines through the movement of handles and cranks so as to discover their easy operation. A section is dedicated to children, with interactive games inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s machines to experiment and discover this great genius while having fun.