Carnival is coming! One of the most loved holidays by all children!

The Civic Museum of Palazzo dei Consoli has created an educational workshop for children and families just for the occasion.

Would you like to make a mask to celebrate Carnival with the particular technique of embossing on copper? If the answer is affirmative, all you have to do is connect to the Facebook page of Palazzo dei Consoli ( Monday 28 February 2022. In fact at h. 16.00 we will publish a short video with all the information to make your carnival mask. We provide you with drawings of some strange characters who decorate an ancient piece of furniture in our Pinacoteca…. if you are curious you can then come and find them by visiting our museum.

Meanwhile, prepare what you need to participate in this workshop:

-copper sheet and mat
-pencil, red pen and scissors
-masking tape
-brushes, glass paints or nail polishes
-wooden stick of ice cream
-drawings of masks (download maskspdf here)
Remember: Monday 28 February h. 16.00 CREATE YOUR MASK. Carnival online educational workshop…. 
Join the crowd!!!